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about the project

Photography is a relatively new artform. Since its inception it had to deal with its unique ability to make a copy of reality, by way of interacting with light. Through this ability, it instantly became the preferred medium to depict the visible world around us. Photography replaced drawing and painting as a means to visualize actual existing things. At the same time, painting gained the freedom to turn its focus inwards. It was no longer needed to refer to reality and could thus concern itself with the expression of concepts, feelings and ideas. The same development, abstraction and a discussion with itself, was part of photography from the beginning. Early on, photographic works ventured into the speculative realm. By capturing wavelengths of light that were invisible to the human eye or stopping movement by manifesting tiny slices of time, photography has always also tested concepts of reality. This aspect of photography, and the many other forms it can take, exist within the huge visual revolution that the use of the medium kickstarted. The reliance on images for transporting information is now, 180 years after the first image was taken, woven deep into our culture. Photography and its many offshoots have introduced an almost total depiction of our lives.

Latent Shadow takes a look at the multifaceted and slippery appearance of photography. Through texts and images, this publication aims to shed light on a medium that has changed our perception of the world.